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ZIMO ‘MX697’ US Sound Decoder

ZIMO announced an updated version of their ‘MX697’ large scale sound decoder aimed at the American market. The MX697 connects directly to the decoder interface used by several American G scale manufacturers. Check with your local retailer if the decoder will fit in your locomotive.

The MX697 has been around since early 2014, but ZIMO now presents ‘an improved version’. Two versions are available: the MX697V is the full featured version, the MX697S is a reduced version. You can find the specifications on ZIMO’s website.


ZIMO lists several US sounds in their sound database.

Source: ZIMO Press Release November 2015

ZIMO Newsletter September 2015

Arrived in my mailbox yesterday: the ZIMO newsletter for September 2015.  It’s a bit late, but ZIMO now finally provided the English version of the German September newsletter.

Late or not, the newsletter is definitely worth reading. The Swiss company announced a new miniature sound decoder (‘MX649’), a decoder ‘test-and-connection’ board (‘MXTAPS’, ‘MXTAPV’) and a software update for their sound decoders and the MX 10 / MX 32 DCC system. The newsletter also explains how to use the Massoth DiMAX Navigator with the ZIMO digital system.

Source: ZIMO

New Servo Decoder ‘MX821’ from ZIMO

ZIMO announced a new servo decoder, the ‘MX821’:

“This accessory decoder fills a gap in the ZIMO range which has arisen because of the current accessory decoders MX820 (on sale for about a year), as opposed to the previous MX82, has no power outputs (and numerous other “goodies”).
– 8 full servo connectors, each with 3 pins (5V supply, ground, control line)
– 16 inputs for any switch (passing contact or toggle switch contacts) and each set of points can be moved to the desired position (e.g. to prevent forcing of the points)
– 16 outputs, different possible configurations, such as ground signals, but in particular to connect relays suitable for frog switching.
The MX821 can be controlled via conventional accessory addresses, or object-oriented (along the lines of StEin modules, see descriptions of the StEin modules).”

ZIMO MX821 Servo Decoder

The MX821 comes in two versions: the MX821V is the full featured decoder (MSRP € 96,00), the MX821S is a reduced version without the 16 inputs and outputs (MSRP € 66,00).

ZIMO MX699 Now In Production

According to the ZIMO homepage, the Swiss company has started production of their new large scale ‘MX699’ decoder. The MX699 has some new extra features compared to its predecessor, the MX695 decoder series.

The MX699 includes three ‘super caps’ on board, which should ensure excellent running characteristics on dirty track. Two fan outputs (MX695 has one) allow independent operation of two synchronized smoke generators. ZIMO presents the full list of improvements on their homepage.

ZIMO MX699 Decoder

Link: ZIMO