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Pictures of LGB #26842 SOEG Steam Locomotive IV K #145

LGB’s latest release is the type IV K steam locomotive, painted in a green livery for the German SOEG museum railroad (Zittau Narrow Gauge Railroad). The SOEG locomotive with road number 145 is a one-time series, limited to 399 pcs. Article Number 26842, MSRP € 999,00.

FGB-Berlin sent me a few photos of the new locomotive, you can view them here: Gallery: LGB 26842 SOEG Steam Locomotive IV K #145.

LGB 26842 SOEG Steam Locomotive IV K 145

LGB Delivery Dates Update August 2016

LGB updated the list with planned delivery dates for their 2016 New Items: LGB New Items 2016 – Delivery Dates.

This month, the following items should be available (worldwide delivery may vary):

  • 20060 Gang Car WP&YR #2019, Era VI
  • 26842 SOEG Steam Locomotive, Road Number IVk 145 [2015]
  • 36808 Passenger Car Durango & Silverton ‘Yankee Girl’ #270
  • 43824 Center Flow Hopper Car SHPX #43838

Source: LGB

New SOEG Saxon Train from LGB

LGB announced several new rolling stock items to run a complete Saxon style train which can be found today on the German “Sächsisch-Oberlausitzer Eisenbahngesellschaft” (SOEG) narrow gauge museum railway.

The new Saxon I K steam locomotive can be matched with three new passenger cars.

  • LGB 21980 Steam Locomotive Saxon I K, SOEG VI (Digital mfx with Sound) – € 699,99
  • LGB 35091 Passenger Car 235K, 3rd Class, brown, SOEG VI – € 109,99
  • LGB 35092 Passenger Car 107K, 2nd Class, green, SOEG VI – € 109,99
  • LGB 35094 Coupled Passenger Cars 8K/25 K, 2nd/3rd Class, brown, SOEG VI – € 199,99

View pictures of the new models here: Gallery: LGB SOEG Train I K.

Source: Facebook – LGB

Pictures LGB SOEG Baggage Car 1381K

LGB’s new Saxon baggage car with road number 1381K is now available.

This is a model of the Saxon SOEG baggage car, no. 1381K as it currently looks in use on the Zittau Narrow Gauge Railroad. The car is completely new tooling. Its walls have the look of wood, the sliding doors can be opened, and there are other details correct for the car type such as truss rods on the car floor. The paint scheme and lettering are true to the prototype as an Era VI museum car. The car has metal wheel sets. Length over the buffers 50 cm / 19-11/16″.

View all pictures here: Gallery: LGB 30320 SOEG Baggage Car 1381K

LGB 30230 SOEG Baggage Car 1381K

Source: FGB-Berlin / LGB