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Polk’s GeneratioNeXt Closed Its Doors

Early last month, I heard rumours that Polk’s GeneratioNeXt informed the dealers that the company would close its doors. Ken Bianco Jr. from Trainworld.com and myself reached out to Polk for an official statement on the situation, but we both didn’t receive a reply.

I don’t like posting news that is not a 100 percent confirmed (by the company), but I also didn’t want to wait any longer to avoid G scalers throwing money at them with the risk of not getting it back.

Several G scalers report they have received an email from Polk’s GeneratioNeXt claiming he will be refunding any outstanding purchases, following the company’s closure. I hope that will be case, but you never know…

Here’s to hoping some company will use some of Aristo’s moulds in the future. That company could probably be Bachmann, as they have already announced the Eggliners earlier this year.

Bachmann Introduces Egg Liners, ex-Aristo?

Bachmann announced their new products for 2016 at the “National Train Show 2016” in Indianapolis (USA) taking place this weekend. See our previous post for the announcement.

The new “speeder” seems like a completely new tooling for large scale, but another surprise was the introduction of five new “Egg Liners”. Yep, the funny little Egg Liners we know from Ariso-Craft. Given the absolute silence surrounding Polk’s GeneratioNeXt (Aristo’s revival project by Scott Polk), it seems very likely they sold their Egg Liner moulds to Bachmann.

One thing for sure, it doesn’t bode well for Polk’s GeneratioNeXt…

Polk’s GeneratioNeXt Track Shipment

Polk’s GeneratioNeXt released an email update about their latest shipment of track items.

Hi Everyone,
The container is on the water and making its way to New Jersey. Other then all of the Switches there is a lot of Stainless Steel G Gauge Track coming too. Below are the links to see what will be arriving. Free Shipping on every order PLUS five FREE figures. Order now because these items will go fast.

Stainless Steel Track

Happy Holidays

Source: Polk’s GeneratioNeXt

Christmas Special – Part 2: Locomotives

This is Part 2 of the ‘Christmas Special’, view Part 1 here.

LGB 21011 Christmas Draisine (MSRP € 149,95)
LGB 21011 Christmas Draisine

PIKO 38215 Christmas ‘Mogul’ Steam Locomotive (MSRP € 500,00)
PIKO G 38215 Christmas Mogul Steam Locomotive

Polk’s GeneratioNeXt GXT22707 Egg Liner Christmas Wreath (MSRP $ 149,00)
Polk’s GeneratioNeXt GXT22727 Egg Liner Snowflakes (MSRP $ 149,00)
Polks GeneratioNeXt GXT22707 GXT22727 Egg Liner Christmas Snowflakes

USA Trains R22134 Christmas GP7 Diesel Locomotive (MSRP $ 559,95)
USA Trains R22234 Christmas GP38-2 Diesel Locomotive (MSRP $ 559,95)
USA Trains R22134 Christmas GP7 Diesel LocomotiveUSA Trains R22234 Christmas GP38-2 Diesel Locomotive

Sources: LGB / PIKO / Polk’s GeneratioNeXt / USA Trains

Christmas Special – Part 1: (Starter) Sets

Christmas items are hugely popular every year, so here’s a three-part ‘Christmas Special’ listing some of the Christmas items available from various manufacturers.

I know it’s only November… but Christmas items usually sell out fast. If you want some Christmas decorated rolling stock under the Christmas tree, you might want to order these items soon to make sure you don’t miss out.

LGB 70304 Christmas Starter set, 230 V (MSRP € 379,95)
LGB 72304 Christmas Starter set, 120 V (MSRP $ 389,99)
LGB 70304 72304

LGB 72351 Christmas Trolley Set, 120 V (MSRP $ 329,99)
LGB 72351

LGB 72460 Christmas Starter Set, 120 V (MSRP $ 339,98)
LGB 72460

PIKO G 37105 Christmas Starter Set, 230 V (MSRP € 269,99) – Read my review!
PIKO G 38105 Christmas Starter Set, 120 V
PIKO G 37105 38105

Bachmann 90037 Night Before Christmas (MSRP $ 495)
Bachmann 90037

Bachmann 90076 White Christmas Express (MSRP $ 539)
Bachmann 90076

Bachmann 90087 Thomas’ Christmas Delivery (MSRP $ 539)
Bachmann 90087

Polk’s GeneratioNeXt GXT21325C Christmas Switcher w/ Caboose (MSRP $ 320)
Polks GeneratioNeXt GXT21325C

Sources: LGB / PIKO / Bachmann / Polk’s GeneratioNeXt