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Harz Rollbocks from Modelbouw Boerman

Dutchman Lammert Boerman now offers type ‘Görlitz’ rollbocks for the Harz narrow gauge railway (HSB). The rollbocks come as a set of two, and will be available at the end of this month for € 99,95.

Modelbouw Boerman Rollbocks Rollbocke Harz HSB

Link: Modelbouw Boerman (NL / DE)

Rollbocks are used to transport standard gauge cars over a narrow gauge railway. The system uses a narrow gauge rail running in a pit that is built in the middle of a standard gauge track. It allows the Rollbock bogies to go underneath the standard gauge tracks and as the Rollbock train is pulled out of the Rollbock siding each bogie picks up one axle of a standard gauge wagon as it rises out of the Rollbock pit. Thus two Rollböcke are needed for a twin-axle wagon.  – Wikipedia