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New Massoth Sound Projects for “Caterpillar” Diesel Locomotives

Massoth released two new sound projects for the “Caterpillar” diesel locomotives. There’s a sound project for both the American and European version of the engine. The European version is available under item number 8220062 with an XLS decoder, the American version is available under item number 8220063. Both sound projects can also be downloaded through the Massoth Service Tool.

Massoth 8220062 Caterpillar Diesel Locomotive European Version

Massoth 8220063 Caterpillar Diesel Locomotive American Version

Source: Massoth

New Track Bender for Code 250 / 332 from Massoth

A while ago, Massoth posted some teasers of a new product on their Facebook page. They showed a CNC machine working on some solid pieces of metal, so I thought the product had to be track related. I did some digging, and found that the ‘old’ version of their track bending device was out of stock. And then I found an article number for a new version of their popular track bender.

The new track bender looks quite different from the previous one, but seems to offer the same features. The track bender is capable of bending code 250 and 332 rails.

Massoth 8105101 Track Bender [NEW] / Massoth 8105001 Track Bender [Old]
Massoth 8105101 Track Bender G ScaleMassoth

The MSRP is at € 239,00.