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RhB ABe 4/4 III & Tm 2/2 from KISS Modellbahn Service

KISS Modellbahn Service announced two new items for 2017 (PDF): the RhB type ABe 4/4 III electric locomotive, and the Tm 2/2 111-118 diesel switcher. Both 1:22,5 scale models will be produced in a mixed plastic and brass construction. The locomotives will be available in multiple versions and road numbers. Prices for the ABe 4/4 III start at € 1.399,00, the Tm 2/2 costs € 695,00.

More information about both models:

KISS Modellbahn Service (KMS) is a company by Günther Kiss, that has been doing special paint schemes and repaints on request for many years. They didn’t produce any models themselves, the ABe 4/4 III and Tm 2/2 are their first rolling stock productions.

KISS Modellbahnen (owned by Stefan Kiss, son of Günther Kiss) on the contrary, has been making high-end locomotives and rolling stock for 0, 1 and 2m scale for many years. In the past, KISS Modellbahnen offered a variety of models constructed in both brass and plastic. A few years ago, KISS Modellbahnen dropped their line of plastic models and shifted their focus to models in full brass construction.

ESU then took over KISS Modellbahnen’s unreleased ABe 4/4 II, which was designed for a mixture of plastic and brass construction. ESU released the locomotive under the “Pullman” brand in 2015, with new versions coming out in 2016 as well.

With KMS now announcing the ABe 4/4 III and Tm 2/2 in a mixed brass / plastic construction, it’s unclear whether they will be making these models themselves or if they maybe are cooperating with ESU.

Source: KISS Modellbahn Service

New RhB De 2/2 from Ed’s Garten Bahn

Ed’s Garten Bahn announced their newest model at the beginning of September: the RhB De 2/2 #151.

We are proud to announce our newest model: RhB De 2/2 151.
This model will come with all the features that are so common on our models: Stainless steel wheelrims, strong Bühlermotor, servocontrolled pantograph, axles with ball-bearings, one axle movable, ESU decoder with powerpack (sound optional), Swiss front and rear lights, interior light, prepared to take automatic decouplers, prototypical correct wheels and of course 100% to scale. The first model will be ready in a few weeks, pictures will follow as soon as possible.

The first pictures of the production model were now posted on their Facebook page: Facebook – Ed’s Garten Bahn.

Eds Garten Bahn RhB De 2/2 151

The RhB De 2/2 costs € 950,00, sound adds an extra € 160,00.

Source: Ed’s Garten Bahn

New Code 250 Track Items from Feld Grossbahn

Feld Grossbahn added some new items to their Code 250 track range.

  • Dual gauge switch, 1800 mm radius, 11,3° – straight track 64 mm gauge, diverging track 45 mm gauge – available in left or right – € 125,00 (kit)
  • Dual gauge switch, 1800 mm radius, 11,3° – straight track 45 mm & 64 mm gauge, diverging track 45 mm gauge – available in left or right – € 139,00 (kit)
  • Point lever with lighting – € 29,00 (kit) / € 39,00 (finished)
  • 64 mm gauge wood ties, 50 pcs.
  • 64 mm gauge concrete ties, 50 pcs.

Feld Grossbahn

Feld Grossbahn

Feld Grossbahn

Link: Feld Grossbahn (DE)

Source: Feld Grossbahn

New from Feld Grossbahn

Feld Grossbahn recently announced some new items for IIm / 1:22,5 scale.

  • Harz 4-axle Boxcar DR 99-07-01 (other road numbers available) – € 329,00
  •  bogie / truck type “Weyer”, 2 pcs. (found on e.g. HSB “traditionswagen” 900-460) – € 49,90
  • “centre buffer & chains” coupler (DE “Balancierkupplung”) w/round buffer, 2 pcs. – € 39,90

Feld Grossbahn

Feld GrossbahnFeld Grossbahn

The items can be found on Feld Grossbahn’s website, which unfortunately is only available in German.

Source: Feld Grossbahn