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DR BR 132 ‘Ludmilla’ from PIKO in 2016

Last year, the last 2014 issue of the Gartenbahn Profi magazine featured a full-page ad from PIKO on the back cover. Nothing special at first sight, but on the left bottom there was a small image of the 2015 catalogue with a BR 24 on the cover! A little while later (end of December), PIKO officially announced their 2015 new items including the BR 24.

Yesterday, ‘Stefans Gartenbahn’ posted a picture of the back cover of the last 2015 Gartenbahn Profi magazine on the German ‘Gartenbahn Spur G‘ forum, which included an image of the front cover of the 2016 PIKO catalogue.

The little image of the 2016 catalogue shows a German BR 132 ‘Ludmilla’ diesel locomotive in a DR paint scheme.

PIKO G DR BR 130 BR 132 Ludmilla

PIKO’s 2016 G scale new items will be officially announced at the end of December.

Sources: ‘Stefans Gartenbahn’ / Gartenbahn Profi / Wikipedia

‘Gartenbahn Profi’ Harz Rolling Stock Kits Update

The German ‘Gartenbahn Profi’ magazine does not only offer their great magazine, but over the years they announced some 1:22,5 scale rolling stock kits as well. Their HSB bicycle car kit (LE2102) has been available for a few years already, as well as their Saxon cabrio car (LE2111).

They now offer three new Harz kits as well:

  • LE2121 HSB Cabrio Car 99-03-90 – € 246,00
  • LE2122 HSB High-Side Gondola 99-03-83 – € 229,00
  • LE2123 HSB Low-Side Gondola 99-03-71 – € 219,00

The chassis and body are also available separately:

  • LE2120 Chassis – € 149,00
  • LE2131 Body HSB Cabrio Car – € 109,00
  • LE2132 Body HSB High-Side Gondola – € 89,00
  • LE2133 Body HSB Low-Side Gondola – € 79,00

These kits were announced quite some time ago, but somehow I never posted about them on the blog before. According to the info on Gartenbahn Profi’s website (updated on 29 October), the HSB bicycle car, cabrio car and high-side gondola are now (back) in stock, the low-side gondola will be released soon.

Gartenbahn Profi HSB Kits

Source: Gartenbahn Profi