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New RhB De 2/2 from Ed’s Garten Bahn

Ed’s Garten Bahn announced their newest model at the beginning of September: the RhB De 2/2 #151.

We are proud to announce our newest model: RhB De 2/2 151.
This model will come with all the features that are so common on our models: Stainless steel wheelrims, strong Bühlermotor, servocontrolled pantograph, axles with ball-bearings, one axle movable, ESU decoder with powerpack (sound optional), Swiss front and rear lights, interior light, prepared to take automatic decouplers, prototypical correct wheels and of course 100% to scale. The first model will be ready in a few weeks, pictures will follow as soon as possible.

The first pictures of the production model were now posted on their Facebook page: Facebook – Ed’s Garten Bahn.

Eds Garten Bahn RhB De 2/2 151

The RhB De 2/2 costs € 950,00, sound adds an extra € 160,00.

Source: Ed’s Garten Bahn

NEW: G Scale Car System from Ed’s Gartenbahn

Ed’s Gartenbahn announced ‘AutoMobilia’, a new car system for G scale. Car systems have been available for the smaller scales for a long time (with the Faller Car System being the most popular), but so far never in G scale. Here’s what Ed’s Gartenbahn has to say about the new AutoMobilia system:

Ed’s Garten Bahn introduces one of the missing items for your garden layout: moving cars.

Until now cars on the garden layout are always passive, they are parked near houses or stations. With the AutoMobilia System by Ed’s Garten Bahn you can finally change this.

Every car uses a Bühlermotor which is powered by a small LiPo Battery. A charger is always added. On the bottom of the car a small magnet follows the wire in the road. The steering front wheels make sure the car is going in the right direction. All you have to do is switch the car on and it will run for at least 4 hours.

The wire can be grinded in the existing road. The diameter of the wire is just 1 mm, so a small slot is sufficient. A special attachment for the Dremel tool is available with us or at your local hardware store. It’s important to have the wire just below the road-surface.

Or you can buy ready to use parts to create a road. Several different parts like straight track, curves, switches and a turning-loop are available. The track is showing a stone motive which will be a visual addition to your layout.

The following models are already available (more models are being developed):

  • Volkswagen Bully T1, yellow/white (also usable as a Swiss Postbus)
  • Citroën Hy, red.

Both models are available for an introduction price of € 229 until 1 March 2016. Regular price: € 259.

Source: Ed’s Gartenbahn

LGB Ge 2/4 Conversion Kit from Ed’s Gartenbahn

In the past, LGB released several versions of the Swiss Rhaetian Railway (RhB) Ge 2/4 electric locomotive in different paint schemes and with different road numbers. See the list below:

  • LGB 2045 RhB Ge 2/4 #205 (Brown)
  • LGB 21450 RhB Ge 2/4 #205 (Green)
  • LGB 22450 RhB Ge 2/4 #203 (Brown)
  • LGB 23450 RhB Ge 2/4 #202 (Green)
  • LGB 29450 RhB Ge 2/4 #201 (Green) – included in set only

LGB 23450 RhB Ge 2/4

Dutch small series manufacturer Ed’s Gartenbahn now offers a kit to convert a standard LGB RhB Ge 2/4 loco into a RhB Ge 2/4 with road number 221 or 222. The kit requires the LGB donor loco (the chassis and some other parts are needed), and comes with all other necessary parts. The body is sprayed in a colour of the customer’s choice.

The price for the kit is € 799. If you don’t fancy doing it yourself, Ed’s Gartenbahn does it for you for € 999 (donor loco not included). More info & contact details: Ed’s Gartenbahn

Source: Ed’s Gartenbahn

DFB Draisine Xmh 4961 from Ed’s Gartenbahn

Ed’s Gartenbahn announced a new item on their Facebook page:

A small summer surprise: the DFB Draisine Xmh 4961. The model is equipped with a digital decoder, both axles are powered (one axle directly by a Buhlermotor, the other one by a small belt from Optibelt). Of course the model is having a cog wheel, working with the LGB rack-system. Ball bearings, steel wheel rims, front lights and a driver are standard. Available with or without a Sounddecoder (VW motor). Weight appr. 500 grams. For more information: please send an email. (The pictures show the pre-production model)

More information about the prototype can be found here (in German): DFB

Ed's Gartenbahn DFB Draisine Xmh 4961

Link: Ed’s Gartenbahn