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Rumoured New Ownership For Crest Electronics Products

Crest Electronics recently closed its doors, but there seems to be good news on the horizon for fans of the Train Engineer / Revolution RC system.

Some rumours are going around about someone taking over Crest Electronics products. I don’t know who is behind this new ownership yet. Some people know, but are not allowed to say anything yet.

Robby Dascotte from “RLD Hobbies” posted the following message on the myLargescale forum: “It is progress and should be available in 2 -3 months under new ownership“.

Remember these are all rumours for now. If there’s an official announcement at some point, I will of course keep you updated.

Crest Electronics Closing on 31 July 2016

Navin from Crest Electronics has sent the following email to customers:

Dear Crest Electronics Customers,

We have made a good product, but have not developed sufficient additional items to allow us to cover our overhead. I have devoted the past 2 ½ years to try to make this venture successful and failed.

We will be closing as of 7-31-16 and I will look for a day job. In the meantime, you can mail any repairs to me at my home at 74 Williams Ave., Jersey City, NJ 07304 and I will do the necessary repairs after my day job. However, I can’t do free warranty repairs, so call me in advance for a quote and send a check with the repair plus return shipping costs. The phone number of my portable will remain the same at 201-565-6069, though it will be better to reach me in the evenings.

It’s been a pleasure to serve you and I look forward to a long time of keeping your equipment in tiptop shape.

Yours truly,

Navin Shievdayal
Crest Electronics

Crest is best known for their “Revolution” RC system, which is mostly popular in America.

Source: Crest Electronics