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USA Trains Corrugated Passenger Cars Just Arrived

USA Trains announces the delivery of a new production run of their corrugated passenger cars. The 1:29 scale passenger cars have extruded aluminium car bodies, and now feature LED interior lighting.

The corrugated passenger cars can be ordered separately for $ 289,95 to $ 299,95 each, but are also available in sets.

  • 5 Car Set – $ 1.399,95 (Observation, Coach, Diner, Sleeper & Vista Dome)
  • 8 Car Set – $ 2.199,95
  • 10 Car Set – $ 2.799,95 (Observation, 2 Coaches, Diner, 2 Sleepers, 2 Vista Domes, Baggage & Combine

Available paint schemes are:

  • Santa Fe “Super Chief”
  • California Zephyr
  • Union Pacific “City of Los Angeles”
  • Pennsylvania “Congressional”
  • Pennsylvania “Broadway Limited”
  • New York Central “20th Century Limited”
  • Southern Pacific “Daylight Limited”

The article numbers have not changed compared to previous production runs, so in the future it will be difficult to know which version you are buying. Just something to be aware of when buying secondhand!

Link: USA Trains – Corrugated Passenger Cars Arrival

Source: Charles Ro / USA Trains

USA Trains Will Produce Heavyweight Cars

Shawn Conahey of the “USAT G Scale Group” fan page on Facebook announced that USA Trains will produce the heavyweight passenger cars. The heavyweights will be available in the Ultimate Series. Moulds are currently being finished, release is planned in the first quarter of 2018.

An official announcement is said to follow in the future.

Source: facebook.com – USAT G Scale Group

AML Woodside Reefer & Stock Car Sale

AML is having a special sale on their 1:29 scale 40′ woodside reefers and stock cars. The woodside reefers are offered in multiple paint schemes at a sale price of $ 75,00 (MSRP $ 179,00). The stock cars are available for $ 50,00 (MSRP $ 139,00).

40′ Woodside Reefer Rebuilt:

  • G426-01 Data only, Yellow, 4 car set
  • G426-02 PFE Western Pacific A) 51927 B) 51930 C) 52303 D) 52337
  • G426-03 PFE Union Pacific / Southern Pacific A) 92018 B) 92387 C) 93954 D) 94127
  • G426-04 Lackawanna, White, A) 7122 B) 7110 C) 7094 D) 7067
  • G426-05 Santa Fe, A) 16782 B) 17644 C) 17658 D) 17939
  • G426-06 Banana Dist Co., Green/Brown/Yellow A) 7079 B) 7060 C) 7055 D) 7034
  • G426-07 Burlington A) 75296 B) 75282 C) 75243 D) 75357
  • G426-08 Merchant’s Despatch (NYC), White, A) 17127 B) 17139 C) 20651 D) 20629
  • G426-09 Canadian National, A) 207000 B) 207322 C) 207210 D) 207050
  • G426-10 Canadian Pacific, A) 288500 B) 288512 C) 288900 D) 288810

Stock Car:

  • G424-01 Stock Car – Data Only, Unlettered, Brown
  • G424-05 Stock Car – Great Northern, Red, A) 55750 B) 55892 C) 55931 D) 56087
  • G424-06 Stock Car – Canadian National, Brown, A) 172755 B) 172767 C) 172772 D) 172785
  • G424-07 Stock Car – Canadian Pacific, Brown, A) 277521 B) 277624 C) 277681 D) 277807
  • G424-09 Stock Car – Western Pacific, Brown, A) 75707 B) 75715 C) 75725 D) 75736

Source: AML

PS: AML, we are still waiting for your GP60’s….

USA Trains Passenger Cars Coming Back in 2017

USA Trains is bringing back their extruded aluminium passenger cars in several paint schemes early 2017.

USA Trains Extruded Aluminium Passenger Cars

The passenger cars are the first new production in the 1:29 scale “Ultimate Series”  in a long time. USA Trains has been concentrating on the 1:24 scale “American Series” for a while, which are made in the United States. The “Ultimate Series” is made in China.

Shawn Conahey (“USAT G Scale Group” fan site) explains the current situation on Facebook:

USA Trains Ultimate Passenger Cars Arriving 2017. After a long disappearance and delayed production runs the USA Trains Ultimate Series extruded aluminum passenger cars will once again return to stock. USA Trains is expecting delivery of the next production run of extruded aluminum passenger cars sometime in January 2017. USA Trains decided to move production in China to another manufacturer within China. A couple of molds were lost during the move which delayed another production run of the Extruded Aluminum passenger car. USA Trains had been out of stock on these for quite some time.

Source: USA Trains / USAT G Scale Group

USA Trains 2016 ‘Overview Catalog’

For a long time, the latest catalogue on the USA Trains website dated from 2011/2012 (!). USA Trains now finally published an updated 2016 catalogue. It’s not a full catalogue but an ‘Overview Catalog’ as USA Trains calls it.

Link: USA Trains 2016 Overview Catalog (web viewer) & USA Trains 2016 Overview Catalog (PDF)

USA Trains 2016 Overview Catalog

Source: USA Trains