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Train Line Releases HSB “Rollwagen”

Train Line finally released their long awaited “rollwagen” for the Harz narrow gauge railways. The “rollwagen” are used to transport standard gauge freight cars over the narrow gauge railway.

The following cars are now available:

  • 3047200 HSB 99-06-35
  • 3047300 HSB 99-06-37
  • 3047400 Rf 499-06-02
  • 3047500 Rf 499-06-02

Train Line 3047400 HSB Rollwagen
Photo: FGB-Berlin

The MSRP is at € 229,00 each.

Source: Train Line

HSB T3 from Train Line?

Train Line hasn’t officially announced any new items for 2017 on their website yet, but FGB-Berlin added a new model in their webshop.

The class T3 railcar of the Harz narrow gauge railway (HSB) is a new announcement, with a scheduled delivery in 2018. The T3 will be available in an analogue (#2030100) version and a version with DCC and sound (#2030102).

No pricing info is available yet.

Train Line HSB Triebwagen T3, analog

While this new announcement is great, Train Line still has quite a backlog of unreleased items. The HSB T1 railcar, the RhB Ge 4/6, the RhB freight cars and the HSB “rollbocke” to name a few. So with a bit of luck, we might see the HSB T3 railcar in 2020…

Source: FGB-Berlin