Review: Massoth 8431001 Automatic Shuttle

Review published: 22 April 2015
Latest update: 22 April 2015

Product Information:

Manufacturer: Massoth
Article Number: 8431001
Product Description: Automatic Shuttle (Analogue)
MSRP (2015): € 79,00
Link: Massoth


In 2012, Massoth announced a new version of the automatic shuttle to run a train back and forth between two stations. The shuttle unit offers an easily adjustable stopping time at the stations, acceleration and braking are controlled by fixed preset speed curves. This automatic shuttle is NOT suitable for DCC operation!

Massoth 8431001 Automatic Shuttle Analogue

Inside the box, we find:

  • Automatic shuttle unit
  • 2 insulated track clamps, with nuts and bolts
  • Soldering tags
  • 4 black screws
  • Manual

Massoth 8431001 Automatic Shuttle Analogue

The wiring diagram below shows how you need to install the automatic shuttle. An analogue throttle (e.g. LGB 50080) is connected to the two terminals on the left. Connect the other 4 screw terminals to the track as shown in the diagram below. The colors of the wires (red/blue) identify track sections; they do not indicate polarity!

Massoth 8431001 Automatic Shuttle Analogue

Install the insulated track clamps to create the ‘stations’ where your engine will stop. Pay attention to the train‘s length in forward and reverse operations when placing the insulated rail clamps.

I used four PIKO track power clamps instead of the soldering tags for the connections to the track, as this was just a quick setup for the review… I recommend you to solder some wires to the soldering tags, and attach them to the rail clamps.

Massoth 8431001 Automatic Shuttle Analogue

Here’s the unit all wired up:

Massoth 8431001 Automatic Shuttle Analogue

You can increase the waiting period by turning the black potentiometer clockwise and vice versa.

Massoth 8431001 Automatic Shuttle Analogue


The automatic shuttle can easily be mounted in an LGB 10310 track bumper by using the 4 supplied screws.

Massoth 8431001 Automatic Shuttle Analogue

Massoth 8431001 Automatic Shuttle Analogue


I was looking for a nice way to run my Christmas draisine from LGB, and the automatic shuttle from Massoth caught my attention. At a reasonable price, I now have an automated Christmas setup which has run flawlessly last Christmas (2014).

You can of course use this unit for many other purposes, for example running a PIKO TEE or LGB railbus on a point-to-point garden railway.