Large Scale Uncouplers

Latest update: 4 November 2016

“Manual” Uncouplers

Couplers permanently installed in the tracks, that always do their job without user interaction.

  • LGB 10520 Manual Uncoupler
  • Kadee 842 G & 1 Scale Between-the-Rails Uncoupler
  • Kadee 844 G & 1 Scale Portable Uncoupler

Remote Uncouplers

LGB Electric Uncoupler

LGB 10560 Electric uncoupler track (Link) – € 57,95 (MSRP 2015)

The electric uncoupler track from LGB allows you to uncouple cars with LGB hook-and-loop couplers and LGB knuckle couplers by remote control. The uncoupler track can be controlled with for instance the LGB control box for analogue operation. A switch decoder is required to operate the uncoupler with a digital system.

The uncoupler does not work when using symmetrical hook and loop couplers. One of the hooks will be lifted by the uncoupler, but the other hook will remain in the same position. So you will either need two manual uncouplers, or one manual and one electric uncoupler.

LGB 10560 Electric Uncoupler Track

Massoth Automatic Uncoupler

Massoth 8414002 Automatic Uncoupler, pair of 2 (Link) – € 99,00 (MSRP 2015)

The remote uncoupler was announced by Massoth in 2012. The uncoupler is a replacement for a standard hook and loop coupler (although some modification may be necessary). When activated, the hook will lower while the loop is pushed forward. This causes the hook of the other car to lower, resulting in a succesful uncoupling.

The uncoupler works with every standard digital decoder (according to Massoth).

Massoth 8414002 Automatic Uncoupler

Kadee Remote Coupler

Kadee #11220 G Scale Remote Coupler (Link) – $ 49,99 (MSRP 2015)

The remote (un)coupler from Kadee will mount anywhere the #830 gearbox body mounts. The coupler can be custom body mounted to most other locomotives or rolling stock as well. The servo arm will open the knuckle coupler, allowing the rolling stock to uncouple. Kadee recommends the use of their own ‘RC Remote System’ to operate the remote coupler, but operation with a digital decoder is perfectly possible as well.

Kadee 11220 RC Remote Coupler

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