Rolling Roads

Latest update: 20 April 2015
Prices: MSRP 2015

Rolling roads are designed for easy testing your rolling stock, and they also offer a great display for your locomotives. If you have added a (sound) decoder to your locomotive, it’s easy to test out the different sound effects.


  • 8101200 Rolling road, transparent blue – € 42,90  – [REVIEW]
  • 8101210 Rolling road, transparent red with lighting – € 51,90

Massoth 8101200 Rolling Road Transparent BlueMassoth 8101210 Rolling Road Transparent Red with Lighting

Comes with two axle supports, and one support for pickup shoes. The supports can be positioned on straight track as well as curves. Minimum axle distance: 45 mm.

Link: Massoth

Prehm Modellbahn:

Link: Prehm Modellbahn

Marion Zeller

Link: Marion Zeller


Link: Train.Li

Bachrus Inc.

Link: Bachrus Inc.


Aristo-Craft used to offer a set of four rollers (Art.No. 11905). Since Polk’s GeneratioNeXt took over Aristo’s business, I haven’t seen those rollers reappear.