PIKO G Scale Motor Blocks

Latest update: 15 June 2016

This page provides an overview of the motor blocks available from PIKO, either for scratch building purposes or if you want to swap and “old style” motor block for a “new style” one.

I highly recommend reading this page first: PIKO G Motor Block Designs, as it explains the difference between the old and new style motor blocks.

Catalogued Motor Blocks:

These motor blocks are catalogued items, directly available from many shops and retailers.

Product Family Type “Old STYLE” motorblock “New STYLE” motorblock
Taurus 2 axles, black wheels 36100 36104
BR 218, V 100 2 axles, black wheels 36101 36105
BR 80 3 axles, spoked wheels, red 36102 36106
US 0-6-0 (small wheels, middle axle centered) 3 axles, spoked wheels, black 36103 36107
BR 194 2 axles, spoked wheels, red 36108
US 0-6-0 / 2-6-0 (large wheels, middle axle off centre) 3 axles, spoked wheels, black 36109

Uncatalogued / Spare Parts Service:

PIKO does not offer a motor block for instance the V 60 diesel locomotive as a catalogued item, which means you have to order it via their sparte parts service. The table belows how you can swap an “old style” motor block from your locomotive for a “new style” block.

Product with “old style” MOTOR BLOCKS “New Style” Replacement Remarks
Railbus (37300-37303) ET37304-35 Only wheelsets are required, no need to swap entire motor block.
V 60 (37520-37521) – Red wheels, black frame Not available
V 60 (37522) – Black wheels, black frame ET37523-71 & ET37523-72 (with traction tyres?) Only wheelsets are required, no need to swap entire motor block.
BR 199 HSB (37540) ET37542-35 Full motorblock swap, two needed.