PIKO G Digital System

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Latest update: 2 August 2015

PIKO teamed up with Massoth for their G scale digital system, which they announced in 2010. The PIKO system can be seen as the little sister to the Massoth system.

System Overview:

In its most basic form, the system has four primary components: the central station unit, a power supply, a wireless handheld controller (called ‘Navigator’) and finally a wireless receiver.

PIKO G Digital System Overview

PIKO’s digital central station conforms to the NMRA DCC standard. The central station offers up to 5 Amps of output power, at a constant track voltage of 20 Volts. PIKO offers a matching power supply for both the European and American market.

The ‘Navigator’ is a handheld controller featuring a backlit display, a speed controller knob and several push buttons. The Navigator can be used for both wired and wireless operation. For wireless operation of the Navigator, you need the wireless receiver which converts the radio signal transmitted by the Navigator into a digital signal for the Central Station.

The central station does not feature a PC connection, which means it cannot be used to control your trains with software on the computer, neither can the firmware of the central unit be updated.

5 Amps not enough? PIKO offers a 5 A booster which provides 5 Amps of additional power to an independent section of the layout (situation pictured below).

PIKO G Digital System Overview

Available Components:

  • 35010 Central Station Unit 5 A
  • Power Supply
    • 35000 Power Supply (EU)
    • 35020 Power Supply (US)
  • Navigator
    • 35011 Navigator – Wireless operation (EU) & cable operation
    • 35021 Navigator – Wireless operation (US) & cable operation
  • Wireless Receiver
    • 35012 Wireless Receiver (EU)
    • 35022 Wireless Receiver (US)
  • 35015 Digital Booster 5 A

Technical Specifications:

  • Output voltage: 20 V
  • Output power: 5 A

Pros & Cons:

+ Affordable
+ Produced by Massoth = proven quality
– No PC connection

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