Liliput G Scale Products & Scale

Latest update: 30 September 2016

Liliput offers products in H0, N and G scale. Liliput started as an independent Austrian company, but was acquired by Bachmann in 2008.

Following its acquisition by Bachmann, some of Bachmann’s G scale models were also sold under the Liliput label in Europe. Liliput has not developed any new moulds themselves, all Liliput models are repainted Bachmann moulds. Locomotives offered by Liliput are the “V3” diesel loco (a Bachmann Davenport) and streetcars with trailers (Bachmann Big Haulers). Rolling stock includes flat cars, high-side gondolas and reefers, all based on Bachmanns Big Haulers models as well.

I have listed all G scale products made by Liliput in the Liliput G Scale Database.

Liliput’s activity in G scale has been minimal, and in the past few years no new items have been announced. Perhaps their G scale range will die a slow death?