LGB Product Lines & Scales

Latest update: 1 October 2016


LGB is the founder of G scale, and luckily is still around. LGB introduced G scale as being 1:22,5 scale narrow gauge trains running on the 45 mm model track gauge. Quickly it became clear LGB didn’t care about scale fidelity too much, and their models are not true to scale. LGB later introduced standard gauge models as well (which should be 1:32 scale), all of them also in a compromised scale so they mix in with narrow gauge stuff.

So, what scale is LGB? It’s difficult to say which scale each piece of rolling stock is. The reality is that it can be different for each one. LGB always compromised the scale of their models, often jokingly referred to as using a “rubber ruler” when designing their models. It is widely accepted by the community, so it’s no big deal. Other brands do the same thing.

Product Lines

The majority of LGB’s offerings are in their regular product range, which doesn’t have a name. Below you’ll find some names of special product lines from the past and present.

Lehmann Era (1968 – insolvency)

  • eXtra – Products only available for purchase via selected shops and partners. Often limited editions.
  • LGB Club – Products that can only be purchased by members of the LGB Club.
  • Show Cars – Products only available for purchase at events and shows where LGB exhibit. Started in 2004. I’m not sure if there has been a model every year, but in recent years there have definitely been a few of them.
  • Limited Editions – Products produced in smaller quantities, or one-time productions.

Märklin Era (insolvency – today)

  • LGB Club – see above
  • Show Cars – see above
  • Limited Editions – see above. More and more products are produced in a one-time series in recent years.
  • MHI – Products only available for purchase at selected Märklin MHI dealers.
  • Museum Car – Products only available for purchase at the Märklin Museum.