LGB Club

Latest update: 16 April 2016

What is the LGB Club?

The ‘LGB Club’ has existed for a long time, and is for LGB fans looking to know more about their favourite brand. The LGB Club also claims to offer several member benefits:

  • LGB ‘Depesche’ magazine (4x / year)
  • Exclusive Club Model: ‘Membership of the LGB Club entitles you to obtain an exclusive Club model, developed and produced only for you as Club members. We will send you a high quality, personalized certificate of authenticity to your address following delivery. Collect all these models, which change every year.’
  • ‘Annual chronicle’ (2x / year): ‘Re-live the highlights of the LGB model railroading year on DVD whenever and as often as you like.’
  • Exclusive Club Gift: ‘As a Club member you will receive an exclusive Club gift once year.’
  • Catalogue / New Item Brochures: ‘Club members receive the annual main catalogue free of charge from their retailer. We also send you our new items brochures direct to your home.’
  • LGB Club Card: ‘Your personal club card, issued each year, opens up the world of model railway hobbyists in a very special way. Because as a member, not only are you a premium customer, but you also receive impressive benefits from currently over 100 participating partners. Moreover, your personal membership card can be used to place orders for all the exclusive products offered to club members.’
  • Reduced Shipping Costs from LGB’s Online Shop within Germany
  • Club Trips: ‘Experience your hobby in a very special way and connect your model railway with its real-life example. On our club trips, as we travel through fairytale landscapes to wonderful destinations, you can also talk shop with your like-minded fellow travelers. And to top it all, club members receive a discount on the cost of the trip.’

Membership of the LGB Club costs € 79,95 / $ 109 for a year.

Is it worth it?

That’s a question only you can answer. Reasons why I personally think it’s not worth it to subscribe to the LGB Club:

  • The ‘Depesche’ magazine can also be obtained by subscribing to an annual subscription which costs € 26,00 (within Germany) or € 30,80 (outside Germany). No Club membership required.
  • The ‘exclusive’ LGB Club Model is promised to be for order by Club members only, but they end up on eBay every year for everyone to purchase. So why subscribe to the LGB Club when you can probably buy the model anyway?
  • Free catalogue and new items brochures? It’s a nice extra, but I’m not the person to collect physical copies of catalogues. I’d rather save some trees and download them online (for free).
  • LGB Club Card? I have enough useless cards in my wallet already…
  • Reduced shipping costs from LGB’s Online Shop within Germany? I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. I don’t see any reason why you should order from LGB’s online shop, as you are always paying the MSRP prices. Pretty much any webshop offers lower prices. And reduced shipping within Germany only? Hey LGB, the world is bigger than just Germany you know?
  • 2 DVD’s each year? I’ve never seen or heard about them, so I can’t comment on them.

Remember this is MY personal opinion. If you think it’s worth it and you want to throw some money at LGB for support, feel free to do so…

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