ESU ‘ECoS’ Digital System

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Latest update: 29 July 2015

This page provides a short introduction to the ESU ‘ECoS’ DCC system. While primarily aimed at the smaller scales, the ECoS system is used by some G scale folks as well.

System Overview:

The ECoS from ESU is a DCC central station and controller at the same time, only a power supply is needed to complete your setup.

ESU 50200 ECoS DCC System

The ‘ECoS’ command station from ESU is a multi-protocol command station, ECoS supports DCC, Märklin Motorola, Selectrix, and the M4 data protocol. Most of these protocols are related to the smaller scales, the only thing interesting for us is DCC of course.

Trains are controlled by either the large throttle knobs or the 7″ touch display. The advantage of this design is that it’s very easy to control two locomotives at the same time. The disadvantage for G scale: it’s not very portable…

Since its power output is limited to 4 Amps, a booster might be needed for your garden railway. ESU offers two boosters with 4 A or 8 A output.

The ECoS command station sports a network port for connection with a computer. Thus you can update the software or use a computer for operation.

Available Components:

  • 50200 ECoS 2 digital command station, 7“ TFT colour display, MM/DCC/SX/M4, set with power supply input 240V EU
  • 50010 ECoSBoost, ext. booster 4A, DCC/MOT/SX/mfx®, power supply 110-240V, EU+US
  • 50011 ECoSBoost, ext. booster 8A, DCC/MOT/SX/mfx®, power supply 110-240V, EU+US

Technical Specifications:

  • Output voltage: 15 V to 21 V (adjustable)
  • Output power: 4 A

Pros & Cons:

+ Large colour display
+ Easy operation of two locomotives at the same time
+ PC connection
– Not very portable
– Limited output power

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