Accucraft Product Lines & Scales

Latest update: 30 September 2016

Accucraft offers products in scales from On3 up to 7,5″ gauge ride-on equipment. Relevant for us G scalers are 1:19, 1:20,3, 1:24, 1:29 and perhaps 1:32 scale although that’s considered to be Gauge 1.

  • 1:19 – UK Narrow Gauge
  • 1:20,3 – US Narrow Gauge & UK “Isle of Man” Narrow Gauge & German Saxon Narrow Gauge
  • 1:24 – San Francisco Cable Car
  • 1:29 – US Standard Gauge
  • 1:32 / Gauge 1 – UK, US & German Standard Gauge

Accucraft’s products in 1:19, 1:20,3, 1:24 and 1:32 are prototypically and accurately scaled (as far as I know), and the popular 1:29 scale is therefore an exception since it’s not a prototypical scale. Accucraft sells their 1:29 scale products under a subsidiary called “American Mainline” (AML).

Electric and live steam locomotives are offered, along with rolling stock and track items. Locomotives and rolling stock are made from either brass or plastic. Most rolling stock items are made in limited quantities, and reservations are often required.

Some product lines you might encounter, are:

  • AML – American MainLine 1:29 scale
  • AMS – American Model Supply
  • ACL – Accucraft Custom Line
  • ATLS – Accucraft Trains Live Steam
  • Classic – Accucraft Classic Series

When looking at the Accucraft catalogue, most products carry either the AMS or Classic label. According to the Accucraft website: “ACL and ATLS lines of products are built to a limited volume. Advanced reservations are required.

Source: Accucraft