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Spotlight #1: Cedarleaf Custom Railroad Decals

Stan Cedarleaf is a well known name in America, perhaps not so much in Europe. “Cedarleaf Custom Railroad Decals” offers – you guessed it – decals for large scale. Regular decals are available (e.g. “Rio Grande”), but Cedarleaf can also make pretty much anything on request. Cedarleaf also sells graffiti decals for your rolling stock. You can find several samples on the website.

Link: Cedarleaf Custom Railroad Decals

New Series: “Spotlight”

We all know the big manufacturers, but most of the smaller manufacturers are much less known. Some of them offer amazing stuff, but not many people know about them, which is a shame!

In this series, I will put the spotlight on some of those lesser known manufacturers. Long time readers of GSN might recall this series from the past, but I thought it would be nice to have the series return!

So which companies will you see here? Could be any company! It could be a small company from Europe that I think Americans should know about, or vice versa. It could be a company specializing on a single product, that I think everyone should know about because it’s a great product.

GSN is visited by people from all over the world (Visitor Stats), so you may not always be interested in each company. A small manufacturer from Germany probably won’t have their website available in English, so the English speaking population might not think it’s useful. But for all the Germans visiting the site, it might be! So sometimes it may be useful to you, sometimes not.

For the first posts in the series, I’m looking for small companies myself. The idea is to have you guys recommending me small companies that I should check out in the future. I will enable comments on these posts, so you can post your suggestions there. You may also send me an email of course, or you may send your suggestions on the GSN Facebook page.