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USA Trains Corrugated Passenger Cars Just Arrived

USA Trains announces the delivery of a new production run of their corrugated passenger cars. The 1:29 scale passenger cars have extruded aluminium car bodies, and now feature LED interior lighting.

The corrugated passenger cars can be ordered separately for $ 289,95 to $ 299,95 each, but are also available in sets.

  • 5 Car Set – $ 1.399,95 (Observation, Coach, Diner, Sleeper & Vista Dome)
  • 8 Car Set – $ 2.199,95
  • 10 Car Set – $ 2.799,95 (Observation, 2 Coaches, Diner, 2 Sleepers, 2 Vista Domes, Baggage & Combine

Available paint schemes are:

  • Santa Fe “Super Chief”
  • California Zephyr
  • Union Pacific “City of Los Angeles”
  • Pennsylvania “Congressional”
  • Pennsylvania “Broadway Limited”
  • New York Central “20th Century Limited”
  • Southern Pacific “Daylight Limited”

The article numbers have not changed compared to previous production runs, so in the future it will be difficult to know which version you are buying. Just something to be aware of when buying secondhand!

Link: USA Trains – Corrugated Passenger Cars Arrival

Source: Charles Ro / USA Trains