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Latest update: 29 September 2016

About “G Scale News”

I make this website for my enjoyment in my spare time, to help out others and to provide info about the latest things happening in the world of G scale. When I started with G scale, I had a lot of questions. I now try to answer those same questions for the people joining G scale today. G scale has a future, and I do my best to contribute to it.

G Scale News grew a lot, and now welcomes thousands of visitors every month from all over the world, which is pretty cool and something I never expected when I launched this site. I posted some numbers over here: Visitor Stats.

G Scale News is a modern website, which also works well on smaller screens and mobile devices.

I highly recommend reading the “About” page, as it provides a lot more info about myself and my approach of running this site.

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I want to earn some money, and – since you’re reading this page – you probably want to reach more potential buyers? Great, let’s work together!

Banner Position: Your advertising banner is positioned in the sidebar on desktop devices, with its position being randomly switched every one or two months to keep things fair for everybody. On mobile devices, there is a randomly rotating banner at the top of the page, which refreshes with every page load. All banners are also displayed at the bottom of each page.

Banner Design: Banner width is fixed at 250 pixels, banner height is maximum 90 pixels. Filesize .png or .jpg. You may send me a new banner design every month, if you wish to do so. I will update the banner as soon as I can.

Terms: Advertising banners are bought for one year (does not autorenew). Full payment upfront. Your banner is then uploaded at the first day of the month (to be discussed). No refunds. As an extra to the advertising banner, I will occasionally “share” some things on social media if I think it’s relevant or interesting for my audience. The same applies to special offers, discounts or other featured products. I will decide if they are worthy of a post on the site.

Interested? Still have some questions? Get in touch! 🙂

G Scale News is going full steam ahead, and you don’t want to miss the train! 😉


Occasionally I receive some nice messages of support from G scale enthusiasts or people from within the industry. Some examples:

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