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About Me

I am a twenty-four year old model railroad hobbyist from Belgium. I have always been fascinated by cars, trains and technology, so I knew my hobbies would steer in that direction. I bought a small LGB Toytrain starter set for Christmas in 2006. Only one week later, I was back in the shop to purchase some extra track and rolling stock… And that’s where it all went wrong, hah!

I love the charm of narrow gauge railways, but I can appreciate the impressive standard gauge trains as well. German, Swiss or American railways, all of them are unique and beautiful in their own ways. My personal collection focuses on the Harz narrow gauge railway (HSB), but I also own some standard gauge Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) and American style (D&RGW) rolling stock.

English is my second language, what you will probably notice from time to time. My apologies in advance for any mistakes 😉 .

Thank you for visiting,


About “G Scale News”

When I started the hobby, I could not find the info I was looking for. The majority of G scale related websites were outdated (both in content and design), too limited, or too subjective. I thought I could do better…

… and G Scale News was born. GSN launched in October 2010 as a single “News” page on my old personal G scale blog. On 10 February 2011, I purchased the gscalenews.com domain and moved the news content there. G Scale News has gone through several (design) iterations since then, to be where it is today.

G Scale News aims to provide information about all things related to G scale for both the European and American markets. The main focus lies in publishing the latest news in the world of G scale trains. I’m also building a dedicated info section for beginners, with info on how to get started, what kind of trains you can buy, etc. There’s a lot of other stuff as well, just navigate the menu and take a look!

I consider myself a hobbyist, and am not a professional in any case. This website is a hobby, and will remain a hobby. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to get better at running it. I am still learning things every day, and hope to improve myself as a result. 

All content is written with care, but I cannot guarantee everything is a hundred percent correct. I can make typos and errors myself, or manufacturers may provide the wrong information. I am not responsible for incorrect information of any kind, so please don’t sue me, thanks 🙂 .

Copyright Policy

  • G Scale News always tries to mention the source of information or images. Contact me if you have any issues regarding this matter. I will work with you to resolve the situation as quickly as I can.
  • Please don’t steal my content. Ask permission and/or credit “G Scale News”.

Cookie Policy

Two types of “cookies” can be identified: cookies directly placed by G Scale News, and cookies placed by a third party.

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  • Third party: Google Analytics uses two cookies to collect data for statistics and analysis. Cookies used: ‘_ga’, ‘_gat’

I use the “Google Analytics” tool to gain insight into how many people visit the website, which countries those people live in, which pages they visit & more. Sounds creepy? Nearly every website on the internet collects this type of – anonymised – data, and with good reason. If I publish and maintain a certain page, I want to know people actually view it. If that is not the case, I might as well delete that particular page and invest my time in creating and improving other pages.

By using this website, you agree to this policy.

Why Does G Scale News Show Advertisements?

To make big $$$.

No, definitely not. Running a website is not free. Without advertisements, about 99,9 percent of today’s websites would not exist. Simple as that.

To cover the operational costs (server, software, licenses …), I offer G scale manufacturers and shops the opportunity to buy a small advertising banner on the site. I try to keep the ads relevant, and nonintrusive. I host the ads myself and do not allow third party banner (tracking) systems for your privacy and safety. Please disable your Adblocker to support my partners. Thank you.

And yes, I make a small profit as well. This money allows me to invest into the website (software, licenses, Facebook ads & other things), to buy some drinks in summer, and to buy some train stuff.

Interested in advertising on my website? Let’s work together: Advertise on G Scale News.

G Scale News = Independence & Transparency

Information posted on GSN is kept as factual and neutral as possible, and usually I do not express my opinion on a subject. If I do so, you will easily notice this in my writing.

Website that earn from money from advertisers tend to post sponsored or commercially influenced posts. As a reader, sometimes it’s difficult to know whether some posts are sponsored or not. I hate that, and don’t do that. Posts like special offers and discounts are clearly labelled as such, to avoid any confusion.

I will never hesitate to publish an article that may be unpopular with my advertising partners. I’d rather lose an advertiser than sacrifice my integrity.

Reviews are subjective and are always my own opinion. Most of the items I review are things I bought with my own money. Sometimes, a manufacturer sends me a review sample, which is awesome. However, I do whatever I want with my review. In case my review is negative about the product, the company may not send me anything in the future again. Quite frankly, it’s their loss and not mine 🙂 .

News Sources

I rely on RSS feeds, newsletters and press releases from manufacturers for the News section of GSN, and I also browse their websites looking for new things. Some manufacturers have a more open approach regarding news about releases etcetera, others do not provide any information at all. Some reply to my emails within a few hours, others never reply at all.

I would love to offer them FREE publicity by posting their stuff on my blog, but if their ignorance / arrogance / incompetence prevents them from keeping me updated, well, that’s their problem…

Luckily, there are plenty of manufacturers that do keep me updated, so a big thank you to them for supporting my website. Very much appreciated.