Revised Train Line Harz Mallet

Train Line announced a revision of their Harz “Mallet” steam locomotive. The Mallet has been improved in several areas with more detail on the boiler and on the water tanks. The photos below show a comparison between the old (top) and new (bottom) version of the loco from both sides.

Photo 1 / Photo 2.

The new Mallet is included in Train Line’s new HSB sets. The #2011401 set includes the 99 5901-6 Mallet (analogue) and two 7-window passenger cars in a “Hasser√∂der” paint scheme. The #2011412 set is the same, but the Mallet is equipped with a digital ZIMO sound decoder.

I’m not sure if the new version of the Mallet will also be available separately, Train Line does not mention anything about it on their website.

Source: FGB-Berlin