New RhB De 2/2 from Ed’s Garten Bahn

Ed’s Garten Bahn announced their newest model at the beginning of September: the RhB De 2/2 #151.

We are proud to announce our newest model: RhB De 2/2 151.
This model will come with all the features that are so common on our models: Stainless steel wheelrims, strong Bühlermotor, servocontrolled pantograph, axles with ball-bearings, one axle movable, ESU decoder with powerpack (sound optional), Swiss front and rear lights, interior light, prepared to take automatic decouplers, prototypical correct wheels and of course 100% to scale. The first model will be ready in a few weeks, pictures will follow as soon as possible.

The first pictures of the production model were now posted on their Facebook page: Facebook – Ed’s Garten Bahn.

Eds Garten Bahn RhB De 2/2 151

The RhB De 2/2 costs € 950,00, sound adds an extra € 160,00.

Source: Ed’s Garten Bahn