New Massoth XLS-Onboard Sound Decoder Now Available

Massoth has started shipping their new “XLS-Onboard” sound decoder, which is a direct swap for all LGB locomotives equipped with an LGB onboard decoder.

We know you have been waiting for this brand new product! The next 2016 novelty will be shipped within the next few days. The new XLS-Onbard extends the range of Sound Decoders with a very important and necessary module. For the first time, all LGB Locomotives equipped with LGB Onboard-Decoders (and sound module) or the DCC-Decoder-Interface may be retrofitted with the univeral XLS-Onboard Sounddecoder. It replaces defective components, retrofits Locomotives with Decoder andSound and takes the Locomotive to the edge of DCC technology (Always analog and LGB MTS compatible). And the best, it features the LGB Onboard connector system which means that it can simply be replaced by plugging in the existing connectors in the locomotive. This is true Plug and Play. Shippment is currently prepared. The LGB typical Sound Projects are available through the Massoth Service Tool (MST) online.

Massoth 8216100 XLS-Onboard Sound Decoder for LGB

Article Number 8216100. MSRP € 164,99 / $ 219.

Source: Massoth