New Massoth 10 Amps XXL II Loco Decoder Now Available

Massoth is now shipping a new version of their powerful eMOTION XXL decoder.

We are now shipping the new generation of high amperage Loco Decoders with a total load of up to 10 Amps to fit all those energy hungry engines (up to 8 amp motor load and 2 amp function load). What else is new? The new load control with a super smooth low speed drive, the integrated Servo controls and full SUSI-BIDI integration. The eMOTION XXL II is the first decoder to support the new SUSI-BIDI standard (RCN601): It enables the decoder and SUSI-components (e.g. sound, smoke unit, etc.) to communicate with each other. And one more thing: The userfriendly function mapping from the 8FL, 8FS and XL II PluG is used here also with another new feature! For the first time, each function output can be activated with two seperate function commands. This allows multiple effects!

Massoth 8153101 eMOTION XXL II Loco Decoder 10 Amps

The new XXL II decoder is available under article number 8153101. MSRP € 89,00 / $ 119.

Source: Massoth