Latest Deliveries from Massoth

At the end of last month, Massoth delivered their new ‘Decoder Serviceboard’ which allows for easy programming and testing of several types of (Massoth) decoders. The decoder serviceboard is available for € 74,90 (MSRP) under article number 8176001.

Another recent release is a new version of Massoth’s DiMAX Switch Decoder. The #8156001 Switch Decoder 4K II is available for € 69,95 (MSRP).

A new announcement is a 19 V / 4,7 A power supply which is already available now for € 39,95 (MSRP) under article number 8135301.

Scheduled for delivery at the end of May is the #8293001 ‘eMOTION Melody’ module. MSRP € 64,90.

The eMOTION Melody is a programmable sound module with up to 12 sounds, which will bring your layout to life, playing cows, sheps, goats, horses and pigs as well as church bells, station announcements, and many many more. The possibilities are unlimited. Buildings, passenger and freight cars and whole sceneries are brought to life. Of course the module operates analog and digital. Use the Massoth Service Tool and the PC Module to easily download and program your prefered sound project.

Source: Massoth