PIKO Increases Prices in 2016?

On the back cover of the latest ‘Gartenbahn Profi’ magazine, PIKO announced their first G scale new item for 2016 (see my previous blog post for more info).

PIKO also lists a few other products in their back cover ad. No surprises there, but what I did notice is that the prices from the listed products have gone up. The products and their expected 2016 MSRP prices are summed up below. Prices between brackets are the 2015 MSRP prices.

  • 36122 Loco Decoder – € 91,49 (was € 87,99)
  • 3622X Sound Module – € 134,99 (was € 129,99)
  • 37531 Diesel Loco BR 103 – € 348,00 (was € 335,00)
  • 37780 Disconnects, 1 Pair – € 130,00 (was € 125,00)

Of course, you always need to be a bit careful with these statements, but it wouldn’t surprise me if PIKO would raise their prices at the start of next year for their entire G scale range. They already significantly raised their MSRP prices early last year.

Sources: Gartenbahn Profi