Website Updates #6 2015

Over the past few weeks, I’ve made many small tweaks to the website. Here’s an overview:

The website theme I was using, worked pretty well on all devices. On desktop it works fine, and browsing the website on mobile or tablet is a pleasant experience as well. However, I did not like the huge white spaces all over the page (especially on desktop), and I sought to reduce this ‘wasted’ space on the screen. The header and menu elements are closer to eachother, and white space has been removed in other areas as well. The website feels a bit more ‘compact’ now on both desktop and mobile. There is still some work to be done.

I’ve added support for ‘Categories’ and ‘Tags’, which are now both added to the sidebar for easy access. Categories are what the posts are about (e.g. Rolling Stock, Electronics), tags show which brands are mentioned in the post (e.g. LGB, USA Trains), which railway companies are mentioned (e.g. D&RGW, DB, RhB) etc. The tags are just a test, your feedback is welcome (as always).

A few years ago, I started publishing some of the English content in a separate German section as I noticed a lot of Germans visited my site. I translated several pages of the G Scale Info section, provided the ‘New Items Archive‘ in German, and some of the Product Databases were available in German as well.

Statistics showed the German pages were barely used, so I decided to remove those pages and focus all my efforts on the English site (which is, and always has been, my priority). People who may have the German pages bookmarked, are automatically redirected to the corresponding English page to avoid getting a 404 error.

The PIKO G and POLA G ‘Service’ sections with manuals and parts lists have been updated with 2015 models.