LGB ‘Kompendium’ 2nd Edition

In 2012 the LGB ‘Kompendium’ was introduced, a large catalogue (in German) ‘with all models produced by LGB from the beginning in 1968 until now‘. Note: the ‘Kompendium’ is not an official publication by LGB.

A second edition will be available soon, with several updates. Of course, the ‘Kompendium’ now also contains all recent LGB models up until August 2015. More pictures and info have been added as well.

LGB Kompendium
LGB ‘Kompendium’, 1st edition (picture from 2012)

The 2nd edition will be available in November for € 78,50 (MSRP). If you pre-order the book before the end of October, the ‘Kompendium’ costs € 68,50. The book can be purchased at several hobby shops.