LGB Ge 2/4 Conversion Kit from Ed’s Gartenbahn

In the past, LGB released several versions of the Swiss Rhaetian Railway (RhB) Ge 2/4 electric locomotive in different paint schemes and with different road numbers. See the list below:

  • LGB 2045 RhB Ge 2/4 #205 (Brown)
  • LGB 21450 RhB Ge 2/4 #205 (Green)
  • LGB 22450 RhB Ge 2/4 #203 (Brown)
  • LGB 23450 RhB Ge 2/4 #202 (Green)
  • LGB 29450 RhB Ge 2/4 #201 (Green) – included in set only

LGB 23450 RhB Ge 2/4

Dutch small series manufacturer Ed’s Gartenbahn now offers a kit to convert a standard LGB RhB Ge 2/4 loco into a RhB Ge 2/4 with road number 221 or 222. The kit requires the LGB donor loco (the chassis and some other parts are needed), and comes with all other necessary parts. The body is sprayed in a colour of the customer’s choice.

The price for the kit is € 799. If you don’t fancy doing it yourself, Ed’s Gartenbahn does it for you for € 999 (donor loco not included). More info & contact details: Ed’s Gartenbahn

Source: Ed’s Gartenbahn