Massoth Introduces New ‘Service Tool’

Massoth introduced version V2.0 of their ‘Service Tool’, here are some details from their press release:

The DCC Programmer and the Massoth Service Tool V.1 have served for years programming Navigators, Central Stations, Decoders, etc. The new Massoth Service Tool 2.0 (MST) now combines both programs.

User friendly buttons offer three integrated features: All Decoder setting profiles from Massoth, LGB and PIKO can be read, programed and saved. For those of you working with the former DCC Programmer will be able to work with it right away.

Below that you will find the new Update function button which used to be the old Massoth Service Tool 1.0. Here all components can be updated with the latest firmware available. The product selection is very simple with a self-explaining menu tree.

Similar to the Update tool is the new Sound Update tool (third button). It features the next generation of update procedures: FastUpdate via the SUSI-interface which uploads sounds to the Decoders up to 7 times faster (requires Decoder Firmware V. 3.6). Selecting the desired Soundproject is very simple with the self-explaining menu tree.  The Sound data Sheets are also included. The Massoth PC Module, the DiMAX Central Stations and the former LGB 55045 Programming Module are supported interfaces (note the functionality of the modules). A comfortable online Updatefunction checks and downloads new firmware by a simple click. And the best: It is free! The new MST 2.0 is available at the WIKI.

Massoth’s Service Tool V2.0 can be downloaded on their new ‘Wiki’ website.

Link: Massoth Wiki – Service Tool