DFB Draisine Xmh 4961 from Ed’s Gartenbahn

Ed’s Gartenbahn announced a new item on their Facebook page:

A small summer surprise: the DFB Draisine Xmh 4961. The model is equipped with a digital decoder, both axles are powered (one axle directly by a Buhlermotor, the other one by a small belt from Optibelt). Of course the model is having a cog wheel, working with the LGB rack-system. Ball bearings, steel wheel rims, front lights and a driver are standard. Available with or without a Sounddecoder (VW motor). Weight appr. 500 grams. For more information: please send an email. (The pictures show the pre-production model)

More information about the prototype can be found here (in German): DFB

Ed's Gartenbahn DFB Draisine Xmh 4961

Link: Ed’s Gartenbahn