Pictures of the LGB 30675 RhB Car Set

LGB announced the Rhaetian Railway ABe 8/12 ‘Allegra’ multiple unit train in 2012 in two versions: a ‘normal’ RhB Allegra (LGB 20220), and an Allegra in a special ‘100 Years Anniversary Bernina Railroad’ livery (LGB 20225).

Announced earlier as a new item for 2015, a matching passenger car set for the 20225 Allegra is now available from LGB. The set (LGB 30675) consists of three modern express train passenger cars in a special livery with the logo for the anniversary of the Bernina Railroad.

  • AB 1546 (1st/2nd class)
  • B 2309 (2nd class)
  • B 2312 (2nd class)

LGB 30675 RhB Car Set Anniversary Bernina Railroad

The cars are equipped with interior lighting, metal wheel sets, and doors that can be opened. MSRP € 949,99.

German website ‘Spur G News’ posted some nice pictures of the set: Spur G News – LGB 30675