Polk’s GeneratioNeXt News

I have just received the following email update from Scott Polk from Polk’s GeneratioNeXt:

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are doing well. Wanted to give a quick update on production and possible production.

Currently there is track being made. Brass items are in production now as the factory waits for the SS material which will then allow them to make everything else next month. It should be delivered, hopefully, in August. I’ll send a list of what is being made following this email.

Trains. You have to remember that we brought in 2 containers of old merchandise that was left at the factory. At this point we are still being held up by items that were ordered by AristoCraft 4 years ago. They are items that we really don’t want to start with so we have be trying to resolve how we can get around it. Once this is handled we will start producing trains.

Our business plan still holds strong. It has just taken a little longer then we expected. Believe the rumors if you want but the mess that was left in China is bigger then what has been left to believe. We are set on cleaning it up and moving forward.


Link: Polk’s GeneratioNeXt