New from Great American Locomotion [Updated]

Alan from Great American Locomotion (GAL) announced some new products in 1:29th scale.

The first new product is a set of 24 chain binders – 4 open and 20 closed – for $ 24,00 (Art.No. 87 002-1). Other scales are available on request.

Great American Locomotion

As an addition to the earlier announced DODX flat car kit, GAL now offers a set of dry transfer car markings (Art.No. 87 003) for $ 18,00. Eight different car numbers are available. When ordering all eight sets, each set costs $ 17,00.

Great American Locomotion DODX 68ft flat car

Available at the end of the month is a PRR N5 caboose, which will be available in three different versions. Included will be a full interior, appropriate trucks, Sierra Valley wheels, brass bearings and custom dry transfer lettering sets for the Pennsylvania and PRSL (Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines) versions. Optional 3D printed parts will be available for further detailing.

Link: Great American Locomotion