PIKO Increases Prices

I just had a look in the PIKO webshop, and noticed pretty much all prices have increased for their G scale range.

Let’s use some of the 2015 New Item products for a comparison. The ‘old’ 2015 MSRP prices are taken from the PIKO 2015 New Items page here on GSN, the new MSRP prices can be found in PIKO’s webshop.

Item ‘Old’ MSRP 2015 New MSRP 2015
 US ‘Mogul’ Steam Locomotives  € 400,00  € 445,00
 BR 64 Steam Locomotive  € 510,00  € 555,00
 BR 24 Steam Locomotive  € 595,00  € 650,00
 BR 103 Diesel Locomotive  € 310,00  € 335,00
 Silver Coin Control Car Wittenberg  € 250,00  € 270,00
 D&RGW Work Caboose  € 130,00  € 145,00

Those are just a few examples, it seems like prices have gone up on the entire product range. I don’t see any price changes yet in internet webshops, so better hurry with your order before their prices will be changed as well!