Programming Issues with Massoth S, LS, XLS Decoders

In the past weeks, I have seen messages about programming issues with the Massoth S, LS and XLS sound decoders on both the German Massoth forum, and also on the Dutch Grootspoorforum.

In their latest newsletter, Dutch shop acknowledges there are indeed problems with these decoders. Some of the decoders produced since February 2015 won’t allow new sounds to be programmed. I don’t know how many decoders are affected percentage-wise, but I still wanted to share this info with you. This kind of problem usually causes a few headaches…

According to Grootspoor, the only solution is to send the faulty decoders back to Massoth. So if you have purchased a new decoder with the described issues, contact your local shop or Massoth directly for a solution. I have a good experience with the Massoth customer service, so I’m sure they will resolve these problems soon.

Link: Massoth