New Version of ‘RailModeller Pro’ for Mac

A brand new version of track planning software ‘RailModeller’ has been released two days ago, and according to the developer it is a completely new application. RailModeller contains most IIm/G scale track libraries, and is available for Mac only.

“We are excited to announce that our new app RailModeller Pro is now available on the Mac App Store at an introductory price of USD 25.99.

RailModeller Pro is a brand new app developed from scratch with a fresh design and exciting new features that provides a new platform allowing us to add even more fantastic new features in the coming months. Being in development for a couple of years we have decided that the time is ripe to put the new app into your hands and get your feedback.

But don’t get us wrong: We consider the initial release of RailModeller Pro just the beginning. We will provide continous updates via the convenient Mac App Store updater process – so get ready for at least a couple of updates every month!”

A link to the new app can be found on their website. Earlier versions (v1-v4) can still be downloaded from the website as well.

Link: RailModeller Pro