LGB Allegra in ‘Arosa’ livery for 2015?

I am expecting the 2015 New Items from LGB soon, but it seems like the first item has leaked already. A RhB ABe 8/12 Allegra in ‘Arosa’ livery has appeared in the webshop of ‘Digitoys-Systems AG‘ with Art.No. 21225.

It is a fantasy model to celebrate the ‘100 Years Chur-Arosa’ anniversary, as an original does not exist in this livery. Apparently, LGB has taken a good look at Bemo, as they announced a similar livery in 2014 for their H0 RhB range.

LGB 21225 RhB Allegra Arosa
Bemo H0 Allegra ‘Arosa’ CAD drawing (click to enlarge)