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HSB T3 from Train Line?

Train Line hasn’t officially announced any new items for 2017 on their website yet, but FGB-Berlin added a new model in their webshop.

The class T3 railcar of the Harz narrow gauge railway (HSB) is a new announcement, with a scheduled delivery in 2018. The T3 will be available in an analogue (#2030100) version and a version with DCC and sound (#2030102).

No pricing info is available yet.

Train Line HSB Triebwagen T3, analog

While this new announcement is great, Train Line still has quite a backlog of unreleased items. The HSB T1 railcar, the RhB Ge 4/6, the RhB freight cars and the HSB “rollbocke” to name a few. So with a bit of luck, we might see the HSB T3 railcar in 2020…

Source: FGB-Berlin

Revised Train Line Harz Mallet

Train Line announced a revision of their Harz “Mallet” steam locomotive. The Mallet has been improved in several areas with more detail on the boiler and on the water tanks. The photos below show a comparison between the old (top) and new (bottom) version of the loco from both sides.

Photo 1 / Photo 2.

The new Mallet is included in Train Line’s new HSB sets. The #2011401 set includes the 99 5901-6 Mallet (analogue) and two 7-window passenger cars in a “Hasseröder” paint scheme. The #2011412 set is the same, but the Mallet is equipped with a digital ZIMO sound decoder.

I’m not sure if the new version of the Mallet will also be available separately, Train Line does not mention anything about it on their website.

Source: FGB-Berlin

New Version of Train Line HSB Baggage Car

In 2012, Train Line announced the red baggage car of the Harz Narrow Gauge Railways (HSB) in 1:22,5 scale, expanding their existing range of HSB models. The baggage car was available with road numbers 902-304 (Art.No. 3530790) and 902-307 (Art.No. 3530791).

Train Line now released a new version of the 902-307 baggage car with modified car sides. The baggage car now has a prototypical amount of windows on each side, which wasn’t the case previously. The new version has three clear windows and a frosted window on one side, and three clear windows on the other side. The previous version had four clear windows on one side, and four on the other side.

Also new to this version are the addition of truss rods, and the “Wittenberg” trucks.

The new 902-307 unfortunately still has the same item number (3530791), so things might get confusing when buying these cars secondhand or online when it’s not clear which version you are going to get.

Train Line 3530791 HSB Baggage Car 902-307

Train Line 3530791 HSB Baggage Car 902-307

You can find some more photos here: Gallery: Train Line 3530791 HSB Baggage Car 902-307.

The 902-309 (Art.No. 3530792) will also be rereleased in this new version, the 902-308 (3530795) is a new release and did not exist previously.

Source: FGB-Berlin

LGB Delivery Dates Update September 2016

LGB updated the list with planned delivery dates for their 2016 New Items: LGB New Items 2016 – Delivery Dates.

This month, the following items should be available (worldwide delivery may vary):

  • 21935 Diesel Locomotive Köf II, HSB VI (Digital mfx with Sound)
  • 25555 Diesel Locomotive SP #8442 (Digital mfx with Sound)
  • 33201 Passenger Car M.T.V. B34, Era VI
  • 40036 High-Side Gondola Type Ow, HSB VI
  • 40037 High-Side Gondola Type Ow, HSB VI
  • 40038 High-Side Gondola Type Ow, HSB VI
  • 43262 Boxcar DEV, Era VI
  • 43821 Center Flow Hopper Car “CP Rail” #120360
  • 43825 Center Flow Hopper Car SHPX #43839
  • 44931 Amtrak Material Car, Phase III #72015
  • 45144 Stake Car, RhB V
  • 45145 Stake Car, RhB V
  • 48671 Boxcar SP #14496

Source: LGB