PIKO Product Lines & Scales

Latest update: 30 September 2016

PIKO offers model trains in four scales: N, TT, H0 and G. Their range of G scale products doesn’t have a name, it’s just advertised as “G Scale” with its own logo.

PIKO does not state a scale for any of their products. They label them as “G scale”, and that’s it. The only mention of scale is on the G scale logo in their webshop, which includes “1:22,5” in the logo. And this seems to be there just for recognition purposes (as 1:22,5 is the scale originally launched by LGB), rather than claiming “our models are all scaled at 1:22.5”. This page will prove the latter is definitely not the case.

We can define two different product lines in PIKO’s G scale range: a regular product line, and the “Mainline Series”. PIKO offers both European and American prototypes.

American Prototypes

“Mainline Series”

The “Mainline Series” includes American style ore cars, box cars, reefers, two-bay hoppers and cabooses in a variety of road names and paint schemes. All cars in the series are 1:32 scale, except the wood caboose which is believed to be 1:24 scale.

Some examples of available road names are Union Pacific, Pennsylvania, Great Northern, Chicago & North Western and many more. Those are standard gauge railroads, so the 1:32 scale can be considered prototypical.

Exceptions however are the same cars offered in for example D&RGW and WP&YR paint schemes. Those railways are narrow gauge, so these roadnames on a Mainline Series car are incorrect.

Regular Product Range

The regular product range includes all American models that are not in the “Mainline Series” range. Examples are the Mogul and Camelback steam locomotives, the wood passenger cars, flat cars, high-side gondola’s, tank cars etc.

It’s difficult to identify their scale, as most of the items are a more freelance design. Multiple road names and paint schemes are available.

European Prototypes

Regular Product Range

Nearly all European style trains are available in the regular product range. PIKO offers rolling stock for the German DB and DR standard gauge railways. PIKO adjusts the proportions of each model to make them look good together. Scale varies between 1:25 and 1:29.

“Mainline Series”

The same moulds of the American “Mainline Series” cars are used to offer a small amount of European style rolling stock items. The reefer is available in several paint schemes (mostly beer brands). The ore car is sold in a DB or DR paint scheme, and included in the BR 80 starter set.