Massoth DRC 300

Latest update: 20 July 2015

System Overview:

The ‘DRC 300’ is a receiver unit which allows you to control your DCC locomotives wirelessly from the Massoth Navigator, independent from the track.

The DRC 300 receiver is connected to the DCC decoder inside the locomotive. No DCC central station (e.g. Massoth 1210z) is needed, as the DRC 300 module receives its instructions from the Navigator directly. The locomotive may be powered by an onboard battery (or track power, but that rather defeats the whole idea of being independent from the track).

Massoth announced the DRC 300 in 2009, but it was delayed year after year. Massoth never publicly stated the reason of the delay, but they did admit they were still working on the concept. Now in 2015, it’s still listed on the Massoth website, but I’m not sure if we’ll ever see the system appear on the market…


  • 8130201 – DiMAX DRC 300 EU
  • 8130701 – DiMAX DRC 300 US

Massoth DRC 300