Massoth Decoders

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Massoth supplies a wide range of decoders for the large scale market. Their decoder range is named “eMOTION” and offers both driving decoders with and without sound. Naming policy: M to XXL for size, an S is added if the decoder is equipped with sound.

Locomotive Decoders

  • eMOTION M Locomotive Decoder (Link) – Small 1,2A decoder for 1 motor, with 6 function outputs
  • eMOTION L Locomotive Decoder (Link) – Regular 1,8A decoder for 1 motor, with 8 function outputs
  • eMOTION XL Locomotive Decoder (Link) – Powerful 3A decoder for up to 2 motors, with 8 function outputs
  • eMOTION XXL Locomotive Decoder (Link) – Powerful 6A decoder, with 6 function outputs
  • eMOTION XL II PluG (Link) – Decoder for ‘PluG’ interface
  • eMOTION XL-M1 (Link) – Decoder for LGB/Märklin interface

Sound Decoders

Massoth offers sound decoders in different sizes. The LS is similar to the L decoder, the XLS is comparable to the XL. There is no Sound version of the regular XXL decoder, but you can add the S stand-alone sound module to the XXL decoder through the SUSI interface.

  • eMOTION S Sound Decoder (Link) – Stand-alone sound module with SUSI interface
  • eMOTION LS Sound Decoder (Link) – Small 1,5A sound decoder
  • eMOTION XLS Sound Decoder (Link) – Powerful 3A sound decoder

Which one do I need?

The decoder you need depends on the current consumption of your locomotive. For a locomotive with 1 motor, the M and L decoders are recommended. Locomotives with two motors require the XL 3A decoder. Is the current consumption close or above 3 Amps? The XXL is for you.