Märklin ‘CS2’ Digital System

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Latest update: 2 August 2015

The ‘CS2’ digital system from Märklin was originally designed for use with their H0 and 1 gauge product lines, but since Märklin acquired LGB they are marketing their CS2 system for use with G scale as well.

System Overview:

The Märklin CS2 is your DCC central station and controller at the same time, only a power supply is needed to complete your setup.

Maerklin CS2 Digital System

The CS2 is a multi-protocol command station, it supports: DCC, Märklin Motorola, Märklin mfx and Märklin mfx+. The most important thing for us is of course DCC. Some of the newer LGB locomotives feature an ‘mfx’ / DCC sound decoder, so these work very well with the CS2.

Trains are controlled by either the red throttle knobs or the large touch display. The advantage of this design is that it’s very easy to control two locomotives at the same time. The disadvantage for G scale: it’s not very portable…

Since its power output is limited to 5 Amps, a booster might be needed for your garden railway.

The CS2 features a network port for connection with a computer.

Available Components:

  • 60215 Central Station

Technical Specifications:

  • Output voltage: ?
  • Output power: max 5 A

Pros & Cons:

+ Large colour display
+ Easy operation of two locomotives at the same time
+ PC connection
– Not very portable
– Limited output power

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