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Crest Electronics Closing on 31 July 2016

Navin from Crest Electronics has sent the following email to customers:

Dear Crest Electronics Customers,

We have made a good product, but have not developed sufficient additional items to allow us to cover our overhead. I have devoted the past 2 ½ years to try to make this venture successful and failed.

We will be closing as of 7-31-16 and I will look for a day job. In the meantime, you can mail any repairs to me at my home at 74 Williams Ave., Jersey City, NJ 07304 and I will do the necessary repairs after my day job. However, I can’t do free warranty repairs, so call me in advance for a quote and send a check with the repair plus return shipping costs. The phone number of my portable will remain the same at 201-565-6069, though it will be better to reach me in the evenings.

It’s been a pleasure to serve you and I look forward to a long time of keeping your equipment in tiptop shape.

Yours truly,

Navin Shievdayal
Crest Electronics

Crest is best known for their “Revolution” RC system, which is mostly popular in America.

Source: Crest Electronics

Update Issues with Massoth DiMAX Central Stations

An important notice for Massoth DCC users. Massoth placed a large red info banner on their homepage regarding possible failures when updating their DiMAX central stations. Statements in English and German below:

Due to possible failures when updating DiMAX Central Stations with the current Massoth Service Tool please use the former DiMAX Update Tool from the WIKI to update your Central Station.We are working on a solution and will inform you about the solution as soon as possible.

Aufgrund von Updateproblemen bei Massoth Zentralen mit dem Massoth Service Tool bitten wir darum das DiMAX Update Tool aus dem WIKI für Zentralenupdates zu benutzen!
Wir melden uns sobald das Problem wieder behoben ist.

When Massoth publishes an update about the situation, I will relay that info here on GSN as well.

[Update 10/07/2016] Massoth released an update on the situation. The problems are solved by updating the Massoth Service Tool software.

Due to possible failures when updating DiMAX Central Stations with the current Massoth Service Tool please do an online update first!!

Source: Massoth

New Sound Projects from Massoth

Massoth released two new sound projects. The first one is a new sound project for the French ‘Corpet-Louvet’ steam locomotive (e.g. LGB 20781), which can be used for both the XLS and XLS-M1 sound decoders. The second new sound project is for the HSB 99 7234 steam locomotive in a special “60 Years Brocken Locomotive” edition, which can be used with the XLS decoder.

Both sound projects are available in the Massoth Service Tool.

Latest Deliveries from Massoth

At the end of last month, Massoth delivered their new ‘Decoder Serviceboard’ which allows for easy programming and testing of several types of (Massoth) decoders. The decoder serviceboard is available for € 74,90 (MSRP) under article number 8176001.

Another recent release is a new version of Massoth’s DiMAX Switch Decoder. The #8156001 Switch Decoder 4K II is available for € 69,95 (MSRP).

A new announcement is a 19 V / 4,7 A power supply which is already available now for € 39,95 (MSRP) under article number 8135301.

Scheduled for delivery at the end of May is the #8293001 ‘eMOTION Melody’ module. MSRP € 64,90.

The eMOTION Melody is a programmable sound module with up to 12 sounds, which will bring your layout to life, playing cows, sheps, goats, horses and pigs as well as church bells, station announcements, and many many more. The possibilities are unlimited. Buildings, passenger and freight cars and whole sceneries are brought to life. Of course the module operates analog and digital. Use the Massoth Service Tool and the PC Module to easily download and program your prefered sound project.

Source: Massoth