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New Massoth Sound Projects for “Caterpillar” Diesel Locomotives

Massoth released two new sound projects for the “Caterpillar” diesel locomotives. There’s a sound project for both the American and European version of the engine. The European version is available under item number 8220062 with an XLS decoder, the American version is available under item number 8220063. Both sound projects can also be downloaded through the Massoth Service Tool.

Massoth 8220062 Caterpillar Diesel Locomotive European Version

Massoth 8220063 Caterpillar Diesel Locomotive American Version

Source: Massoth

Train Line Opens Second Store in Hofen (Germany)

Train Line has announced they will open a second store. The new store will be in cooperation with Dietz Elektronik, located in Hofen (Germany).

Dietz will offer the complete product range from Train Line, and will perform installation of Dietz electronics on request.

The new shop will be opened on 10 November 2016, with an eleven percent discount on all Train Line products on 10 and 11 November.

Train Line’s first shop was opened in Wernigerode (Germany) near the popular HSB narrow gauge railway in 2013.

Source: Dietz / Train Line

Rumoured New Ownership For Crest Electronics Products

Crest Electronics recently closed its doors, but there seems to be good news on the horizon for fans of the Train Engineer / Revolution RC system.

Some rumours are going around about someone taking over Crest Electronics products. I don’t know who is behind this new ownership yet. Some people know, but are not allowed to say anything yet.

Robby Dascotte from “RLD Hobbies” posted the following message on the myLargescale forum: “It is progress and should be available in 2 -3 months under new ownership“.

Remember these are all rumours for now. If there’s an official announcement at some point, I will of course keep you updated.