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Massoth XLS-M1 Sound Decoder for LGB US Streetcars

According to the latest planned delivery dates list, LGB is delivering their streetcars next month.

Massoth now offers a matching ‘XLS-M1’ sound decoder (Art.No. 8235038), which plugs directly into the 28-pin Märklin/LGB digital interface. A loudspeaker is included.

LGB 20381 Streetcar Pacific Electric Los AngelesLGB 20382 Streetcar Philadelphia
LGB 20381 Streetcar Pacific Electric Los Angeles & LGB 20382 Streetcar Philadelphia

Link: Massoth

New Servo Decoder ‘MX821’ from ZIMO

ZIMO announced a new servo decoder, the ‘MX821’:

“This accessory decoder fills a gap in the ZIMO range which has arisen because of the current accessory decoders MX820 (on sale for about a year), as opposed to the previous MX82, has no power outputs (and numerous other “goodies”).
– 8 full servo connectors, each with 3 pins (5V supply, ground, control line)
– 16 inputs for any switch (passing contact or toggle switch contacts) and each set of points can be moved to the desired position (e.g. to prevent forcing of the points)
– 16 outputs, different possible configurations, such as ground signals, but in particular to connect relays suitable for frog switching.
The MX821 can be controlled via conventional accessory addresses, or object-oriented (along the lines of StEin modules, see descriptions of the StEin modules).”

ZIMO MX821 Servo Decoder

The MX821 comes in two versions: the MX821V is the full featured decoder (MSRP € 96,00), the MX821S is a reduced version without the 16 inputs and outputs (MSRP € 66,00).