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Rumoured New Ownership For Crest Electronics Products

Crest Electronics recently closed its doors, but there seems to be good news on the horizon for fans of the Train Engineer / Revolution RC system.

Some rumours are going around about someone taking over Crest Electronics products. I don’t know who is behind this new ownership yet. Some people know, but are not allowed to say anything yet.

Robby Dascotte from “RLD Hobbies” posted the following message on the myLargescale forum: “It is progress and should be available in 2 -3 months under new ownership“.

Remember these are all rumours for now. If there’s an official announcement at some point, I will of course keep you updated.

New Massoth PC Module

Massoth announced a new version of their PC module. The new version (#8175201) offers some improvements over the old one (#8175101), and is already available for purchase. MSRP € 129,00 / $ 169,00.

This new revision of the DiMAX PC Module comes with optimized Hardware for FastUpdate-procedures. It requires a DC power supply of 2 Amps minimum (#8135301 Power Supply 4.7A). AC power supply is not supported any more for technical reasons. It comes with a new kind of clamps using a lift mechanism that allows instant wear-free use of clamps and cables. The new PC Module is already in Stock and shipped. #8175101 is not available any more.

Massoth 8175201 DiMAX PC Module DC

Source: Massoth

New Pulsed Smoke Unit from Massoth

Massoth has announced a new pulsed smoke unit for small locomotives, designed to fit in steam locomotives with a small boiler. The new smoke unit also features an integrated option for cylinder steam function.

Massoth 8415001 Pulsed Smoke Unit for Round Boiler Locomotives

Some of the features according to Massoth:

  • Fully Integrated Decoder
  • Update function with track
  • Integrated option for cylinder steam function
  • CV Programming
  • POM Programming
  • Direct track connection
  • Fully Protected against overheating and running dry
  • Period of operation up to 10min per filling depending on operation
  • Parallel function triggering

The smoke unit (Art.No. 8415001) is not available yet, but will be availabe soon according to Massoth’s website. I don’t have pricing info yet.

Link: Massoth 8415001

Source: Massoth / Gartenbahn Profi