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New Power Buffer from Dietz

Dietz announced a new power buffer in two versions with either 6 or 7 ‘Goldcaps’.

  • SPK-GC-6 Power buffer 6 Goldcaps (58 x 22 x 11 mm) – MSRP € 59,00
  • SPK-GC-7 Power buffer 7 Goldcaps (66 x 22 x 11 mm) – MSRP € 65,00

Dietz SPK-GC-6 Goldcap

The SPK-GC-6 is intended for ‘normal’ use, the SPK-GC-7 is an extra powerful buffer intended for power-hungry locomotives that for example have sound and a pulsed smoker installed.

Both power buffers charge automatically, and don’t need to be disconnected while programming the loco. Connecting to a ‘BufferControl’ terminal on the decoder is not necessary.

The power buffers are now available.

Source: Dietz

Massoth Digital System Special Offer from Grootspoor is offering a discount on the ‘DiMAX’ digital system from Massoth. Grootspoor offers a complete set with the following items:

  • 8136501 DiMAX 1210Z Digital Central Station
  • 8135501 DiMAX 1200T Power Supply
  • 8134601 DIMAX Navigator R.C. Plus
  • 8133101 DiMAX Receiver II

The complete set costs € 1.149,00 (was € 1.281,10).


ZIMO ‘MX697’ US Sound Decoder

ZIMO announced an updated version of their ‘MX697’ large scale sound decoder aimed at the American market. The MX697 connects directly to the decoder interface used by several American G scale manufacturers. Check with your local retailer if the decoder will fit in your locomotive.

The MX697 has been around since early 2014, but ZIMO now presents ‘an improved version’. Two versions are available: the MX697V is the full featured version, the MX697S is a reduced version. You can find the specifications on ZIMO’s website.


ZIMO lists several US sounds in their sound database.

Source: ZIMO Press Release November 2015

New Sounds from Dietz

Dietz expanded their decoder sound library with the following sound projects:

  • Harz 99 5906 ‘Mallet’ steam locomotive
  • Saxon I K steam locomotive
  • American C-16 steam locomotive
  • RhB Ge 4/4 II electric locomotive
  • RhB ‘Allegra’ railcar
  • universal tram sound (historic)
  • universal tram sound (modern)

Source: Dietz