Polk’s GeneratioNeXt Closed Its Doors

Early last month, I heard rumours that Polk’s GeneratioNeXt informed the dealers that the company would close its doors. Ken Bianco Jr. from Trainworld.com and myself reached out to Polk for an official statement on the situation, but we both didn’t receive a reply.

I don’t like posting news that is not a 100 percent confirmed (by the company), but I also didn’t want to wait any longer to avoid G scalers throwing money at them with the risk of not getting it back.

Several G scalers report they have received an email from Polk’s GeneratioNeXt claiming he will be refunding any outstanding purchases, following the company’s closure. I hope that will be case, but you never know…

Here’s to hoping some company will use some of Aristo’s moulds in the future. That company could probably be Bachmann, as they have already announced the Eggliners earlier this year.